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A regular meeting of the Club of Women-Voters was held in the building of the local self-government of Poti.

Women think that involvement of more women in politics will make positive changes since improvement of social conditions will be priority for them. That’s why the Club of Women-Voters should activate its work to support women-candidates during the local self-government elections, strengthen the work on attracting of electorate for elections.

At the meeting of the Club there was revealed a future candidate - a member of the local self government of Poti city, Darejan Tskhvitaria, who is at the same time a member of the Club of Women-Peacemakers. She mentions that she is ready to struggle actively to win in the local self-government elections.

During the meeting they also told about future strategies of the Club’s activity, and in particular, how the work should be strengthened to make it more effective and designed for the results.

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To active, wonderful women of Batumi Club of Women-voters, Tsitso Chkheidze and Inga Mebonia!


The staff of Fund "Sukhumi” shares your happiness and would like to congratulate you with your professional success: gaining nomination of the best radio producer and radio journalists of the year in Adjara. Your activeness, leadership qualities, particular skills of communication – these qualities could not be left unnoticeable.

Be sure that we are with you and share your success. Let this award be the starting point in your carrier and the beginning of the greatest success!

Use your professionalism, charm and other qualities, which were endowed to you by nature, in the other direction too, and tell your word in public-political space.

Fund "Sukhumi” would like to wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas once again! Let the year 2010 be happy and successful for you and your families!


With respect and love,

On behalf of the Staff of Fund "Sukhumi

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Members of the Club of Women-Voters in Ozurgeti acqauinted with the strategic plan of the Club activity. There were elaborated proposals and recommendations – i which direction the work should be continued, which issues are priority ones for them.

Members of the Club emphasized that Club should carry out active work to support women-candidates during the local self-government elections, and also take part in elections.

Participants think that they should carry out active work on revealing of topical problems and to struggle against these problems.

There was also mentioned that for the effective work of the Club it is important to popularize its work through Mass Media. And first of all members of the Club should be interested in this.

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Within the framework of the project "Dissemination of results of the Georgian-Abkhaz dialogue on Security Guarantees - Dialogue on security guarantees in the context of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict” in Fund "Sukhumi” there was held a workshop for the staff members of the organization.

Moderator of the meeting, Mr. Alu Gamakharia acquainted participants with the information about separate analysis of both Georgian and Abkhaz civil society experts on the need for security guarantees, the reasons why the sides have been unable to agree on them as well as barriers and opportunities for future agreements.

Participants actively discussed positive and negative sides of these agreements.

During the second part of the workshop participants worked in three groups (government, civil society and experts) on the topic: "Building of the dialogue between representatives of the civil society in Georgia and the government”.

After the presentations they discussed most topical issues. In their opinion of the workshop participants, society should be more actively involved in discussions, to formulate healthy public opinion on the aforementioned issue.

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Meeting of the Club of Women-Voters held in Batumi in the New Year of 2010, started with the pleasant news – leader of the Club, Inga Mebonia was recognized as the best radio journalist, and an active member of the Club, Tsitso Chkheidze, as the best radio producer of Year in Adjara. After expressing their congratulations members of the Club started active work.

Participants of the Club were showed the film of Fund "Sukhumi” – "Complicated choice – woman in politics”. After watching the film there was carried out active discussion. In participants opinion the film was interesting because, its heroines answer many important questions: Why should women come to politics? How far difficult it is for women to come to politics?

During the discussion they stressed necessity of women’s participation in the forthcoming local self government elections. There were initiated future plans:

Members of the Club think that the year 2010 should be especially active. It was emphasized that it is necessary to cooperate with different political parties to reveal women-candidates and change gender situation during future local self government elections.

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Meetings planned to be held by Fund "Sukhumi” with political parties in January are aimed at getting of information about preparation of parties to local self-governmental elections and promotion of inclusion of more women in election lists.

A regular meeting was held in Batumi branch of the Republican party of Georgia. Leader of the party, Murman Dumbadze, told about political activeness of women-members of their parties at the local level and future plans on the preparation to elections.

In his words women – members of their party show special activeness not only in pre-election period, but also making specific decisions.

Representatives of parties think that the principle of gender equality is adhered in their party and accordingly they don’t support quota system. They make election lists based on professionalism, leader qualities and high educational level.

At the meeting there was emphasized the importance of cooperation between women- members of the party and Club of Women-Voters of Fund "Sukhumi”. There was initiated participation of the party members in the future meetings of the Club.

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The project "Exchange of experience on the issues of peacemaking and involvement of women IDPs from Abkhazia and Karabakh in People’s Diplomacy” was completed by the presentation of the brochure. 

"Contribution of women- IDPs of Georgia and Azerbaijan in peacemaking” – this is a title of the joint edition of the brochure of two women’s organizations – Fund "Sukhumi” and Public Union "Women’s Solidarity” (Baku, Azerbaijan). 

The brochure was issued with the support of SOROS Foundation within the project "West West”. 

The brochure not only reflected information about the organizations – participants of the project, project content but also training materials, information about meetings, round tables conducted in Kutaisi, Tskhaltubo, Baku and Ganja. 

Establishing of close contacts, acquaintance with problems, connected with interethnic and territorial conflicts helped share work experience in peaceful resolution of conflicts in own communities as well as with the conflict party.

Acquaintance with experiences of the two organizations will promote to more active involvement of women IDPs from Karabakh and Abkhazia in peaceful process, including direct dialogue with the conflict party. 


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"Phenomenon of women’s leadership” – this is the title of the new manual published by Fund "Sukhumi”, the author is an independent expert Ekaterina Gamakharia.

The manual consists of 11 chapters. Here are given explanations of the concept "Leader”. It tells about basic approaches to the research of leadership phenomenon, about style of leadership, conceptions of leadership. There is showed the way of development of leader qualities: twelve exercises of initial level and 21 necessary qualities of leader.

Gender peculiarities of the leadership, difference in approaches of men and women leaders, strengths and weaknesses of woman-leader are very important. The manual gives useful advices for creating of professional image for woman-leader. There are psychological tests.

"To advance woman at leading posts, first of all, it is very important to admit her equality, equity of her possibilities and capabilities as a leader”, - is told in the conclusion of the manual.

The manual is published in Georgian and Russian languages. It will be spread among beneficiaries of Fund "Sukhumi” and will promote to the development of leader skills, increasing of self-appraisal and elaboration of own strategy on the way to leadership


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