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In Tbilisi, in the hotel "Courtyard Marriott” was held a 3 day conference - "New directions in the IDP Action Plan”.

The purpose of the conference was to renew the Action Plan of the State Strategy on IDPs and provide IDPs with this information.

The Conference was held with the support of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation, Danish Refugee Council and EU.

Within the framework of the conference there were carried out work meetings, public presentations, informational meetings between representatives of IDPs and Ministries.

In the Conference participated representatives of Fund "Sukhumi” Meri Gelashvili, Larisa Shengelia and also IDPs living in different collective centres of Imereti region.

During the Conference there was also held a central network meeting within the framework of the project implemented by EU, SIDA and DRC together with partner organizations.

IDPs from Samegrelo, Imereti, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Tbilisi had possibility to get answers on their questions from competent persons.

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On May 6-8, Swedish women’s organzation  Kvinna till Kvinna organized the conference in Montenegro on the topic "reaching out to make change”, for the women represenatives of Balkans women’s organization and the women from the Middle East, Southern Caucasus and Liberia.   

The main aim of the meeting was to discuss the challenges facing the women’s movement in the Balkans and the rest of the world, to make new contacts and exchange experience. The conversations also touched the issue of making room for the new generation of women’s rights activists.

The Ambassador of Liberia in South Africa, Lois Brutus made the impressive speech on her experience from the women’s movement in Liberia. She focused on the strategies that they used for making positive changes.

Interesting discussions were held on the issue of using the UN Security Resolution 1325 by the women movement. Many women expressed their disappointment over so little have been done for proper implementation of the resolution in practice. Sanam Anderlini, UN expert from Iran answered all questions of the participants. She will try to present their remarks at the 10th anniversary event of the resolution, planned in October 2010.

Upon the end, the Secretary General of  Kvinna till Kvinna, Lea Ag sumnmed up the fulfilled acitivities during the conference.

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A conference on the topic of elections "Local self-government elections of 2010: increase of women’s political participation in Georgia” organized by National Democratic Institute (NDI) in the hotel "Courtyard Marriott” in Tbilisi.

Participants of the Conference were: local and international organizations, representatives of local and central authorities, political parties, Mass Media.

Participation of Fund "Sukhumi” in the Conference was important from the standpoint of obtaining useful information and exchange of experience.

In the first part of the Conference reporters made interesting presentations about women’s political participation at different levels of power, about factors preventing women’s political participation in local elections and about challenges to women holding positions.

Rusudan Kervalishvili, vice-speakers of the Georgian parliament and chairperson of the Gender Equality Council, made brief review of the Law on gender equality and Action Plan on gender equality.

At the Conference there were also presented ten political parties running for the local self-government election. They acquainted audience with their plans and strategies directed at increasing of women’s participation in local elections.

In the final part of the Conference political parties signed the Global Action Plan elaborated by NDI – "Win with women – strengthen political parties”. Thus, political parties took responsibility to provide increase of women’s representation in Georgian politics and contribute to the development of democratic principles in the country.

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On March 24 to 26 in Berlin was held a conference dedicated to 10th anniversary of the UN Resolution 1325 which was organized by German women’s organization OWEN.

In the conference participated chairperson of Fund "Sukhumi” (partner organization of OWEN) Alla Gamakharia and also four members of OMNIBUS 1325 network, representing Northern Caucasus.

During three days active work was carried out in Berlin. Almost 100 people discussed the situation in different regions of the World in connection with the UN Resolution 1325. Except representatives of Caucasus there were participants from Serbia and Kosovo, Israel and Palestine and also Africa, Sudan, Mozambique and Uganda.

Well elaborated structure of the Conference allowed participants actively discuss many issues. The work was carried out through different methods, deep and informative analysis at plenary sessions was changed with interesting discussions in groups, world cafes and in "aquariums”.

Breaks for relaxation were also lively since everyone had possibility to learn more and get important information during informal dialogue.

Meeting with official representatives of UN and Foreign Affairs Ministry of Germany showed once again that despite the fact that the UN and State structures carried out certain work for 10 years to change the situation for the better, there is lack of political will and consideration of women’s interests.


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On the 5th of March in Tbilisi (hotel "Old Tbilisi”) was held a conference on the topic "Dialogue between the government of Georgia and civil society on adjustment of relations”.

Organizers of the conference were: Centre of Economics and Business, Association "Peaceful and Business Caucasus”, Temporary Commission of Georgian Parliament on the issues of Restoration of Territorial Integrity.

Among speakers were representatives of non-governmental organizations, independent experts, and also representatives of Government and Parliament.

Representatives of Fund "Sukhumi” and Fund of Women-Entrepreneurs took active part in the Conference.

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On March 1-3 in the office of CTC in Tbilisi there was held a conference organized by the two international organizations-donors BfdW and EED. Participants of the Conference were 34 national NGOs from the countries of Southern Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

The topic of the conference: Process of merging of two organizations BfdW and EED and key issues regarding this merge.

There was discussed perspective and visions of organizations for 2013. There were lectures as well as interactive work.

Participants acquired not only new skills, but defined perspectives for future cooperation.

Chairperson of Fund "Sukhumi” Mrs. Alla Gamakharia and Chairperson of Fund of Women-Entrepreneurs participated in the conference.

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