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The page of FB was most active in June and July. Our activities and publications regarding ecological project were viewed and commented by individual users as well as by different organizations, who work on similar project.

Eco-club (Tbilisi): there are lots of similar exhibitions of creative handmade from the garbage in Tbilisi, but the regions never participate in it. It is very good beginning of a good job.

Green Universe (Tbilisi): we also very often conduct campaigns of cleaning and greening the environment. We are glad that there are young people in the regions also, who respond to these problems.

CENN – (Tbilisi, Bulachauri): we have been working on this issue for 14 years, we will be glad to cooperate with you. Keep in touch with us.

There were several letters on our site – unknown girls and boys write to us.

  • Hello, I am not an IDP, but I have a desire to be involved and participate in different activities, how is it possible? – Mariam
  • Please contact me, when you will have youth projects and activities – Irakli.


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The project is implemented with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna,

 women’s Foundation (Sweden)


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As May was full of different activities, actual issues were also numerous. The visitors discussed about conducted debates and lade remarks regarding wishes and advices.

Most actual issue was receiving of antidiscrimination law. This issue was discussed on each internet blog and site. It was also actual on our web-page too.

-The NGOs support laws, which are doubtful for the society.

-If we do not lead to progress, the 21-st century will be alike the 19-th. These comments deserved more likes of all.

Statistics of the month:

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The project is implemented with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna,

 women’s Foundation (Sweden)


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When fund "Sukhumi” started to work on the stories of women peacemakers within the framework of Georgian-Abkhaz women’s joint peacemaking project, we were not fully aware how to form it. One thing we knew for sure – they would not be dry and impersonal stories about women and women’s organizations fighting for peace. Our main target was not only the provision of information, but also the motivation of new women groups to increase the rows of peacemakers.

As it turned out, there are numerous examples of confrontations, bloodshed and destruction. We see split-up societies, millions of refugee families. It is rather hard to find true life stories of women behind the dry reports of historians, Human Rights’ Defenders, and International Institution.

  Gradually, we started collecting the stories.

 The first one was the story of Malala Yusufzai- a girl from Pakistan, whom Thalibs tried to kill because of her thirst to freedom.

Then there was Sharm Thong from Burma – a sixteen year-old girl, whose evaluations were heard from the high UN tribune by the world authorities.

Mother Hawa from Galkayo was an ardent defender of refugee women.

Visaka Dharmadasa, whose story might be Familiar to mother, who lost their kids.

. . . And other names, who were defined by the one of the authors as "women, fighting until their last breath”.

This collection consists of only eight stories, different eight problems, faced by women of different age, social status, and race.

Our beneficiaries, groups of refugee women, had the possibility of getting acquainted with the collected stories. At one of our meetings, the oldest participant lady expressed the common idea, "Today I made sure that women all over the world are united by the similar problems. I have seen myself in these stories many times-I recognized my pain, my dreams. Honestly I felt envious toward the women who are brave, so true to their own nation.”

We hope that this spirit will be shared by those, who will read our collection of stories. It is only the first collection of women-peacemakers stories that will be enriched with new names and experiences.


The project is implemented with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna,

 women’s Foundation (Sweden)

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An article with such a title was published in the newspaper "Taoba” ("Generation” – an Agency of the League of Youth Unions of Khoni). Members of the Club of Women-Voters of Khoni got acquainted with the article at the regular meeting, and once again discussed the problem of gender imbalance.

The author of the article Guranda Tsaguria is an active member of Khoni Club of Fund "Sukhumi". She, along with other members of the club, was a participant of a large-scale action on Gender Equality, which was held on May 15 in Kutaisi, in front of the Georgian Parliament.

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Briefly and concretely about everything that was done and implemented by 6 Women Support Centres, 8 Clubs of Women-Voters, School of Young Women Leaders – everyone who links their activity with Fund "Sukhumi”, supports and considers themselves a member of this organisation.

Figures, activities, photos, participants’ opinions, donors’ assessment… The report prepared in Georgian, English and Russian languages includes all necessary information that summarizes two-year activity of Fund "Sukhumi”.

The project is implemented with the support of the organization

Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklunsdienst  (Germany)

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This is the slogan of the new poster of Fund "Sukhumi". The League of Women-Voters of the Fund encourages women to take part in the parliamentary elections, as this is a precondition for peace, democracy and the future well-being.

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The booklet of Fund "Sukhumi" is released in Georgian, Russian and English languages. It contains brief information about the organization - mission, directions of activity, geography, outcomes of the carried out activity.

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The peacekeeping library of Fund "Sukhumi" was enlarged with another publication "Women in search of peace", which is the concluding document – visions of the women of Georgia on the peaceful future, published within the framework of a joint Georgian-Abkhaz project.

The author of the publication Ekaterine Gamakharia - completed her Master’s Degree in the International Human Rights Law. She is a freelance consultant and trainer for various NGOs. 

The project was implemented by Cultural Humanitarian Fund "Sukhumi” and the Association of Women of Abkhazia with the support of Swedish women’s organization KVINNA TILL KVINNA.

Long term goal of the project: Promotion of gender approach to Georgian-Abkhaz conflict resolution.

The publication consists of five parts and is published in three languages- full version in Georgian, condensed version – in Russian and English.
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The library of Fund "Sukhumi" was enriched with another interesting book. The author of the manual is Ekaterine Gamakharia - an independent expert, a Master of Law in international human rights.

This is a manual "Local Government and Gender”.

The manual was prepared within the framework of the project of fund "Sukhumi" - "Contribution to IDP women’s integration in local society through their involvement in monitoring of local self-government activities" supported by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia.


The project is implemented with the support of the U.S. Embassy Democracy Commission Small Grant Program.

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Fund "Sukhumi” published a research entitled "Gender and political parties”. The author is an independent expert Ekaterina Gamakharia, who reviews political situation in Georgia and summarizes sociological research carried out by Fund "Sukhumi”.

The objective of the edition is to study gender approaches in internal structures of political parties in Georgia and analysis of gender component in their political programmes, elaboration of specific proposals for parties which will contribute to achievement of gender balance and effective utilization of gender approaches in programme documents and activities of political parties.


The project is implemented with the support of International Alert.
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The Law on domestic violence, objective of the Law, types of violence, mechanisms of revealing and eradication of violence, arrest and protection warrant, temporary premise for victims of violence, rehabilitation centres for violators – answers to these and other questions are given in the brochure "Prevention of domestic violence”, made by the group of lawyers of Fund "Sukhumi” .

This is the second, supplemented edition of the brochure which will be distributed among young people.


The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst
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This is a wonderful book about war and peace, hatred and love, women and children, hope…

You should read this book translated into Georgian language in Fund "Sukhumi”!

Elvira Gorukhina is a professor, a psychologist, a philosopher, an ethno-conflictologist, a journalist…

Elvira Gorukhina introduces herself as a teacher from Novosibirsk. A wonderful woman who went endlessly long ten years on the warpath in Abkhazia, Karabakh, Sumgait, Tskhinvali, Chechnya, Ingushetia…

She went and helped people to overcome war hostilities, since she thinks that "misfortune is doubled in loneliness”.

She went to save the grain of good, ask pardon, give love and hope.

"Teacher’s tour in the Caucasus” – this is a modest title of the book. This is a poetical confession of a great humanist. This is the greatest protest of woman-peacemaker against any war.

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"The book is neither work of art, nor manual and informational edition, though here reader can find elements of all those genres.

This is a conversation of twenty women who went through war and peace. This is the reflection of their faith and hope.

The main is something that is read between the lines – striking force of women’s peacefulness, which is always stronger than hatred, hostility and always strives for good, love, eternity of life"…

The book "Dialogue of Women-Peacemakers of Georgia and Russia” starts with these words.

It is printed according to the materials of the Conference of women-representatives of Georgia and Russia (in Russian and Georgian languages).

The book is written according to stenographic records and fully expresses views of the Conference participants. There is felt their special peacemaking mood, their optimism and readiness to do everything for the sake of peace.


The project is implemented with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna, women’s Swedish Foundation.

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