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“Women, gender, peace and human security” – under this title the fund “Sukhumi” made a documentary film, which reflects the results of the project “women and girls for peace, security and social justice” and tells us about activities and initiatives, which were implemented by the participants of the project.

The film shows peaceful mood of women and girls, makes obvious conducted discussions for strengthening women’s human security, shows the work of the fund “Sukhumi” for involvement of new groups of women and girls in civil activities, collaboration with different structures.

Presentation of the film was held on final seminar, summarizing fund “Sukhumi” activities, on December 28.


The project is implemented with the support of Kvinna till Kvinna,

 women’s Foundation (Sweden)


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Part I

Part II

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- Is the problem of integration actual, how easy or hard it is to adapt to the local community - these questions where discussed at the Women's Support Center of Khoni on January 30.

Prior to the discussion there was screened the film, shot by young activists with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. According to the script of the film a young girl IDP falls in love with a local guy whose mother is against their marriage, only because the girl is a refugee.

 - Will love win, is there such a problem in our society and how can it be solved – the discussion started from these questions.

Participants of the discussion unanimously said that integration is still a painful topic created by stereotypes that exist in society. The solution is to break these stereotypes.


The project is implemented with the financial support of Czech organization "People in Need”.

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"It is impossible to fully eradicate the problem of violence. An ideal solution in this case can be stated as follows: The State should not allow one person commit violence against another person!" - this opinion expressed general pathos of the program participants. The starting point for the discussion was the film shot by Fund "Sukhumi" - "Forum theater - scenes from real life". According to the programme participants the film would be a very effective way to promote non-violent consciousness. "We show examples of violence, and not dictate solutions", "we do not intend to argue that violence is evil. We create basis for discussions on how to overcome violence" - so the actors of forum-theatre realize their mission.

Social agency staff, school directors, psychologists, human rights defenders and representatives of non-governmental sector, invited to the programme, provided pretty interesting information about the referral mechanisms to protect victims. Once again there was raised the issue about the mechanisms of the law that require corresponding financial support.

Calls of citizens to the studio and the results of the interactive show that a lot of work should be done in this respect: on the question - is victim guaranteed adequate protection from the state? - answers were as follows: Yes - 38% No - 62%.

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With the support of Fund "Sukhumi” participants of the School of Young Women-Leaders made a TV plot on the theme of peacebuilding according to their own script.

The plot tells about the activities of people working in the field of peacebuilding. The authors of the plot interviewed villagers of Khurcha (near the separation line of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict).

The objective of the second TV plot, made by young women-leaders, is to increase young women’s activeness in democratization.

"The activity of women in public and political arena, the views of young people about that issue and identifying of abilities" – these are the topics on which the authors of the plot made ​​a special emphasis.

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Within the framework of the project "Mobilization, rehabilitation and steady development of IDP women from Abkhazia, living in Western Georgia in order to change their position in the society and in the family” implemented with the financial support of EED, there was made a film about Forum-theatre of Fund "Sukhumi” which has been functioning for about 2 years. The film tells about why it was decided to create a Forum-theatre, what its activity is based on, what objective the troupe has, traveling around Georgia reminding audience that violence is evil, making them think about the problem, discuss the issue, participate in performances and offer the most optimal solutions to the problems…


The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst.

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