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Round table, devoted to the Women’s Solidarity Day was held in Sakrebulo conference hall of Tskaltubo. It was attended by representatives of Gamgeoba, Sakrebulo, media and NGO sectors, activist women.

Participants of the meeting received information about Women’s Solidarity Day and also about successful women, they learned results and future plans of Tskaltubo WSC.

During round table, problems of victim women’s social rehabilitation and informing of the women residing in the village was revealed. 


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Fund “Sukhumi” Women Support Center of Khoni organized round table devoted to women solidarity day, in conference-hall of Sakrebulo, which was participated by Sakrebulo members and staff of apparatus.

Following issues were discussed: history of women’s solidarity day, work of the WSC. Discussion was held on gender, violation against women, role and function of women in family and society.

Participants positively evaluated informational side of the meeting and mentioned that such meetings have great importance.


The project is implemented with the support of the organization Brot

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On January 30 fund “Sukhumi” conducted round table in frames of the project “Involvement of the IDPs residing in Kutaissi in Municipal 2015 budget discussion and advocacy process with the aim of envisaging their specific demands”.

In three collective centers (hotel “Kolkheti”, musical school-asylum, auto factory settlement), the IDPs met representatives of Kutaisi Sakrebulo and different services of the City Hall, IDP territorial body and Abkhazian Autonomous Republic.

Representatives of the state structures familiarized with IDP problems and package of suggestions, they came prepared and answered numbers of actual questions.

The IDPs learned that it is important to create landlord communities, in order to receive services relevant for the programs envisaged by the budget from self-government.

Representatives of Sakrebulo and City Hall gave their phone numbers to the audience and promised to assist them in some issues. This is an example of collaboration between society and local government for improvement of IDP living conditions. 


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On December 18, in the Center of Democratic Engagement of Batumi a round table, organized by the GAC and the fund “Sukhumi” was held on: “Protection of domestic violence victim and prevention of violence – local international collaboration”. The meeting was attended by the representatives of NGO sector, police, social workers, teachers, youth, City Hall, public groups.

As it was said on the round table, the problem is also obvious in the region of Adjara and relevant measures should be carried out. It is important to use existing mechanisms of law, which is impossible without close cooperation and communication among the structures.

Where are the “weaknesses” in assistance of the victim, prevention of violence, how important is informing the society, education, what is the role of different sectors, especially local government in direction of problem solution – numerous interesting opinions were announced during the meeting, which will be reflected in the re

commendations and submitted to the relevant structures.

It was said that public discussions should be systematical.

The meeting was aired in the program of TV Company “Adjara”.


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On December 10, on the initiative of the fund “Sukhumi” a round table on: “Strategic mechanisms of fighting against domestic violence” was held in Tskaltubo. The round table was attended by: representatives of local self-government, law protecting structures, NGOs, schools, media and active women.

The meeting discussed reasons and preventive mechanisms of violence. Finally the participants elaborated recommendations.


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On November 27, in frames of 16 - day campaign, the lawyer of Ozurgeti Gender Advisory Council conducted round table on: “Domestic violence, problems and probable ways of their solution”. The meeting was attended by representatives of local self-government, journalists. The conversation was followed by discussion.


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The facts of violation of the last period raise a sense of protest in the society. Individual persons, NGOs, state structures express a protest to violence by different means.

On this background, the round table, conducted by the fund “Sukhumi” in Khoni Sakrebulo was in time. It was attended by the representatives of self-government, social services, Khoni police department, educational resource center and mass-media.

“How adequate is the role of local government in violence prevention and victims’ assistance” – this issue caused serious discussion.

  • Everyone, who has possibility, must make more important steps for violence prevention.

Coordinative work and collaboration defines effective assistance of violence victims – this was general opinion of the meeting participants.


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On October 8 a round table with Participation of representatives of 3 cities and 3 regions was held in Borjomi. The head of Borjomi department of Samtskhe – Javakheti region – Vazha Berdzenishvili was invited as an expert, who presented detailed information to the participants regarding priorities and news of the Ministry of Refugees and Accomodation regarding the issue of domestic violence.

As the expert mentioned, the Ministry announced this year as the year of zero tolerance.

The participants shared information regarding the situation existing in the regions. At the end of meeting several suggestions were presented aiming at collaboration with state structures and the Ministries. 


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The fund “Sukhumi” and Batumi gender advisory council conducted the research “Analysis of the local budget envisaging gender aspects”, several gender problematic issues were divided: availability of pre-school education and conditions, existing in pre-school premises were among them.

The fund “Sukhumi” invited chairpersons of the kindergartens, parents, representatives of self-government, psychologists, representatives of medical sphere, journalists, NGO sector, and members of “public advisors’ council”.

Discussions round the issue proved actuality of the case. There was a position, that despite of efforts from the side of self-government, it is impossible to satisfy all beneficiaries in a short period, so looking for the alternative ways must be carried out more quickly. There were also raised the questions regarding: increasing of teachers’ salaries, more sincere attitude towards the young families, close cooperation between parents and psychologists of the kindergartens, raising of the staff qualification, allocation of local resources for the children health control, necessity of special teachers.

The issues of the round table were aired by all media sources. 


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September 18, Ureki, hotel “Kolkhida”.

48 representatives of gender advisory councils, of Kutaisi, Senaki and Ozurgeti Sakrebulos gathered there, who work in frames of the project “Gender Advisory Councils – raising of women’s role for social changes in the regions”.

They participated in round tables, which summarized activities of the project year and made future plans. Chairpersons of the councils made presentations regarding conducted work and paid exceptional attention to achieved results.

While discussion the members of GACs, deputies of Sakrebulo, journalists, active members of civil society, representatives of the fund “Sukhumi”, mentioned that they are more motivated to make the work of the council more effective and fruitful and promote to conduct gender policy in the regions.



The project is implemented with the support

 of the UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality


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“Exclusive power of the self-government – programs of employment, reality and perspectives” – fund “Sukhumi” and Batumi GAC organized round table, invited guests exchanged their opinions round this issue.

Which directions will be most optimal for local perspective, what must be the motivation of local self-government for full activation of this program and what real profit will it have for local development, how and by whom must be defined conditions of participation in the program, criteria of financing, how must be the projects chosen, how must be business management and consultative projects “tied” to the program, by whom and with what resources must be they implemented, what is the attitude of the local self-government, civil society and specialists of this direction.

As the participants mention, it is good that civil dialogues, recommendations and suggestions round the issue started majority of them agreed that in accordance with existing programs, new programs must be elaborated and it must be reflected in future budget, the issue was interesting for the local mass media.

The project is implemented with the support  of the U.S. Department of State


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TV “Rioni” aired round tables organized by the “Synergy” net of the fund “Sukhumi”, Women Enterpriser’s Fund and Teacher’s Union “Education and Universe” in the TV show “7 Days”. Women candidates of local self-government elections met IDP groups. The views of the candidates became obvious, also what kind of programs they have, how do they see social integration of the IDPs, what problems do the IDP society face and how it is ready to make political bet on women-candidates.

As it was seen from the add, majority of women-candidates know the IDP problems well and considers the important part of its activities to protect their interests.

Organizers of the meeting positively evaluated the meetings and expressed a hope that new Sakrebulo will protect IDP interests more actively. 


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The show of the TV company “Rioni” on June 8, aired 2 round tables, which was conducted by the Fund “Sukhumi” in Tskaltubo WSC between women-candidates (representatives of National Movement and “Georgian Dream”) of self-government and IDP groups. The organizers of the meeting are: members of the “Synegy” net – Fund “Sukhumi”, Fund of Women Entrepreneurs Teacher’s Union “Education and Universe”. There are 8 political parties presented and the gender balance is less protected in the final list.

Women candidates expressed a hope, that the women will by no means appear in the local government and will be the mediator between civil groups and local self-government. 


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There were 5 women in Senaki Sakrebulo, they are nominated in candidates this time also. With the initiative of the Fund “Sukhumi”, there was held a meeting in WSC, which was attended by 5 majoritarian candidates: Natalia Khubua, Marina Khoperia, Lomora Ardia, Tamila Sordia and Dinara Khukhua.

They always actively participated in solution of IDP problems and in case of winning, they will help them to improve their life-conditions.

The chairperson of theFund "Sukhumi" Alla Gamakharia wished success to the women.

The meeting was aired by the TV “Egrisi”.


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Members of UNM and the IDPs from Abkhazia gathered in WSC for “Round Table”.

Candidates of Sakrebulo – Zaza Metreveli, Ana Beradze and Bakar Bregvadze introduced their pre-election program to the participants.

Zaza Metreveli noted that in case of winning, the party will renew road rehabilitation, buid egzotic park…

The candidates also heard IDP problems (amortized sewerage and water supply systems, damaged roofs, metering, gasification transferring buildings and lands in the IDPs possession…)

The chairperson of Women Enterprisers’ Fund – Meri Gelashvili called the candidates to solve IDP and women’s problems. One of the main issues, announced by her, was promotion and support of small enterprise.  


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-I am a doctor and know your problems in health sphere well! I appreciate your encouragement dear IDPs! I will be with you! – Nino Nemsitsveridze, member of “Georgian Dream”.

-Several years ago there was a swampy place on the territory, where IDPs live now, today I am glad to see so many new building here, - Maia Shalamberidze, “Georgian Dream”.

One more round table was held with the women-candidtes. In Tskaltubo WSC of the Fund “Sukhumi”, representatives of “Georgian Dream” – Maia Shalamberidze and Naili Choladze met IDPs; they studied their problems and promised to participate in their solution.

The round table, organized by the Fund “Sukhumi” was attended by the representatives of the synergy net – Manana Darjania and Rusudan Marshania, also the journalists of TV “Rioni” and the newspaper “Resonance”, who aired duration of the round table. 


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On the round table of Batumi democratic involvement center, there was held a presentation of Fund “Sukhumi” sociological research results(evaluation of gender needs in the context of local development) with participation of experts, youth socially unprotected and IDP women groups, teachers, NGOs, media, representatives of local self-government and members of the GAC. Besides discussion topics (Local civil society participation in municipal planning, including gender aspects in local politics and budget, increasing of women’s and other groups’ participation local government and decision-making, projects directed to local social groups’ social economic strengthening and civil integration), round table participants touched several important issues. On the background of coming elections the most actual is importance of women’s participation – support of women-candidates, attitude of the parties and society towards these issues.

There were critical remarks: “It is no need of financing several programs any more, but is going on mechanically, it is a pity that the society is less involved in the mentioned process”.

Optimistic views: “Today we heard several needs, proved by the research. We have a hope that this information will be reflected in local self-governmental programs”. “We think that for planning new budget, work on which will be started soon, the council will announce several new initiatives”. “The council does his best to promote citizens’, especially women groups’ involvements in allocation of local resources”.

The round table was actual for the media. Almost every publishing houses existing in Batumi, expressed interest regarding the themes.


The project is implemented with the support  of the U.S. Department of State


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