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A radiobroadcast from the cycle "Woman and politics” was broadcasted on radio "Dzveli kalaki”.

"In the broadcast there was sounded information about a new phase of the project. The main objective of the project is the political empowerment of women for the next elections, activation of the Club of Women-Voters, and lobbying solution of women's issues.

There were interviews with Rusudan Kervalishvili (Chairperson of Gender Equality Council in the parliament) and Nino Tsikhistavi (Chairperson of the South Caucasus Women's Network), who believes that "the problem is that we have not formed a political will that will give women possibility to take equal participation in political and social life of Georgia”.

Rusudan Kervalishvili is convinced that "in Georgian politics should be many women”. Khatuna Khatashvili from the village Karaleti, Gori district ran in the past elections. She believes that the electoral code should be reconsidered if we want to create equal opportunities for women. 


The project is implemented with the support of the organization NED – National Endowment for Democracy, USA.

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 A regular radio programme was broadcasted on the air of the radio "Dzveli kalaki”. Women tell about their stories:
 "…I could not get along with the daughter of my husband from his first wife. He could not forgive me this, and we parted. I did not listen to any parents or relatives who have asked me to come to my senses, to avoid fatal mistakes. Once I got to meet a psychologist Fund "Sukhumi". At nights I dreamed about stories told by women of their love. I suffered much. I realized that I had made a mistake and decided to make the first step. My husband and stepdaughter met me with joy. Today I am a happy woman”…
 During the monologue there sound audio clips of Fund, warning all -" Violence is evil! "
 The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst.
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On the air of "Dzveli kalaki” (diapason FM-107.9) was broadcasted a radio programme prepared by Fund "Sukhumi” on the topic "Georgian-Abkhaz dialogue – attitude of society towards non-resumption of hostilities”.

Interruption of Georgian-Abkhaz dialogue was negatively evaluated in the broadcast. In the opinion of respondents dialogue is the most important basis for the restoration of relations and confidence between conflict parties.

There was emphasized that the Action plan of the Strategy gives new and real possibilities from the point of view of peaceful resolution of the conflict.

-        If there is carried out intensified work on implementation of the Strategy, and we perceive Abkhazians as our nation which we should help to find the way out of the present situation, then our peacemaking course will win”, - mentioned expert Alu Gamakharia.


The project is implemented with the support of International Alert, Great Britain.

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A regular radio broadcast from the cycle "Woman and non-violent society” was transmitted on the air of the radio "Dzveli kalaki”.

Dialogue in the studio was carried out with the participation of experts of Fund "Sukhumi”. They told about activity of the organization, measures carried out by the group of experts: about cooperation with law-enforcement bodies, research carried out with beneficiaries, educational measures with adolescents with the purpose of violence prevention, psychological and legal consultations for the victims of violence.

How far society is informed about the problem of domestic violence, whether mechanisms of law are effective, which changes have been made in the Law and how its mechanisms should be used – experts provided listeners with detailed information about these issues.

During the broadcast listeners had possibility to ask questions about issues of their concern and obtain necessary information. There was declared telephone number of the hot line of Fund "Sukhumi”, where any interested persons can call.
The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst.

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A regular broadcast from the cycle "Woman and non-violent society” was broadcasted on the air of the radio "Dzveli kalaki”.

The topic of the telecast "Gender and domestic violence”, basically expressed the situation revealed as a result of Fund’s activity in society.

In the opinion of organizers, workshops for young journalists carried out by Fund "Sukhumi” were "very important since the aforementioned topics are not so popular for Media. The contest was a a great stimulus for them”.

At the Round table held in Senaki were defined the topics specific for the region. Respondents mentioned the issues which define low legal level of women in family. "Women don’t possess property. For example even if there is such a possibility in the family, parents don’t take care of it”.

The broadcast covers in details a Round table meeting held in the office of Fund "Sukhumi” where participants expressed their interest to the mechanisms of the Law against domestic violence. In the interview they touched upon weaknesses and strengths, disadvantages preventing to effective implementation of the Law.


The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst.

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Another broadcast from the cycle "Woman and non-violent society” broadcasted by the radio "
Dzveli kalaki” starts with the information about international youth training organized by Fund "Sukhumi” in Kutaisi.

"We speak much about our conflicts and rare consider them in Caucasian context. Youth should have possibility to meet and work in Caucasian context. We are happy that we could do it. Young people expressed their visions and interesting opinions about many issues. We think that our expectations have been justified”, - Alla Gamakharia, chairperson of Fund "Sukhumi”.

Interviews with training participants show their attitude towards the training thematic. "We told about our conflicts, methods of analysis. All these will encourage us for the work on conflict resolution”.

"Such training has very important from the point of view of awareness raising and obtaining experience. We are happy to have such an opportunity”.

Forum-theatre performance made great impression on the participants. They mentioned that family is like a small state and if there is no peace, it is bad for the State and on the contrary – general situation in the State has an impact on family…


The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst.

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What is the essence of the Agreement about non-resumption of war hostilities and security guarantees in the context of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, what are the purposes of sides, what are the risks of existing or non-existing of the agreement for Georgia, which methods should be used for its protection? – these questions were discussed in the radiobroadcast of Fund "Sukhumi” on the air of "Dzveli kalaki”.

The broadcast covers informational meetings carried out within the framework of the project in different cities (Kutaisi, Tskhaltubo, Batumi, Ozurgeti, Poti, Senaki, and village Khurcha) of Western Georgia with different groups of society and also fixed participants’ positions.

Respondents mention that opinions of participants about the Agreement were various but despite this they positively evaluate the fact that the Agreement tells about non-resumption of war and conflict resolution in the agreement.


The project is implemented with the support of International Alert, Great Britain.  

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"Women and non-violent culture”…

This time radiobroadcast pays attentions to factors promoting to creation of violent environment in families. Not so long ago this topic was discussed at the Round table meeting organized by Fund "Sukhumi”.

What influence does dependence on drugs, alcohol, and gambling has on family climate, what is the existing statistic and where should efforts of different branches of power, specialists, media, non-governmental sector and society be aimed at?

"Unfortunately the age of persons dependent on drugs and alcohol is becoming younger. That indicates necessity of serious changes in social politics and in public life”. "Human rights defenders often face with cases when parents of a person with such dependence address them with the request to arrest their sons since they can not bear violence they are subjected to by them”.

-   Experts, participants of Round table, psychologists also express their positions on that issue.

The broadcast also covers information about Women’s Support Centre created by Fund "Sukhumi” in Poti, where they have already carried out educational trainings and periodically carry out legal and psychological consultations.


The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst.

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The cycle of radio monologues on the air of "Dzveli kalaki” has been increased with another painful story.

The first monologue tells about the story of a woman who is faced with the dilemma:

...Her decision to have a baby became the reason of parting with her husband. She did not know anything about him for seven years. Then her husband came back and aksed to forbid him. Having been tied of loneless, woman is ready to forbid him but their child does not want hear anything about his father.

The second monologue warns us once again that family created without woman’s desire would never be harmonic.

...She lived with this trauma all her life. Feeling of hopelesness, humiliation, insult. Awful mark was left on her psyche by impudence of the so called "husband”, hard-hartedness of her parents. Her tears and request could not melt their hearts – "Don’t leave me here!” Her sole has been frozen!

Social clips of Fund "Sukhumi” remind spectators about topicality of the problem of domestic violence.


The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst.

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A regular broadcast from the cycle "Woman and non-violent society” offers listeners opinions of specialists, common people, women-victims of violence about issues connected with domestic violence.

Psychologist of Fund "Sukhumi” speaks about the programme on psycho-rehabilitation within the framework of which women’s problems become obvious. The fact that psychologist’s institute is being introduced constantly is noticeable.

Legal consultations basically regard changes made in the Law against domestic violence, most of which will come into force since April 2010.

The topic of reproductive health is directly connected with the issue of women’s protection from violence, - these are opinions of specialists involved in the programme.

Forum-theatre implements its mission well: participants discuss and exchange their opinions even after performance. Young people, elders are equally involved in this process. In the opinions of interviewers great attention should be paid to improvement of social background, personal responsibility of every member of family, support and respect of others’ efforts.

The project is implemented with the support of the organization EED Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst. 

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A regular radio monologue was broadcasted on the air of radio "Dzveli kalaki”. Listeners became witnesses of another life drama of woman.

…It has appeared that even close person can hurt you much…

That’s why domestic violence is so dangerous. It depreciates fundamental values of an individual and hurts her/him much. And outcomes of the social disorientation are very hard for the individual and people around him/her.

In order to create a background for the monologues there are periodically heard radio rolls of Fund "Sukhumi”, that listeners perceived the danger of the problem of violence in family.


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